Video Studio

As Video Production Company, we perform Corporate Video Production, Product Introduction Video, Safety Training Video, Seminar Conference Recording, Video Streaming, Live stream Video Broadcast, Event Coverage Video, Music Video, Staff Recruitment Video, TV Commercial or anything that you can think of. It is the use for Branding, Marketing, and Training to Documenting. Moving with the advancement of technology, there are simply more reasons than ever to why an organization will require this.

Video is specifically produced to engage the audience. This method has proven to be effective and even more engaging than any source of media over the years.

In addition of sound studio, the following video editing and equipment is available at 52/123 Chittranjan Park new Delhi premises of the Company

  • HD video production
  • 2,000 sq. ft. video production sound stage with seamless Chroma-keycycwall
  • 2 client friendly HD edit suites
  • Single or multi-camera productions with teleprompters
  • HD 3D ready multi source switcher
  • Moviola Crab Dolly and Doorway Dolly
  • Jib Arm
  • Mole Richardson, Arri, LTM and Kino Flow lighting includes:Kino Flo 2 bank, Kino Flo 4 bank Divas, 1 K Babys, 1K Mickey-Moles, 200w Peppers, 2K Zips w/eggcrate, 300w Arris, 400w Baby Softlight w/eggcrate, 650w Arri, 650w Tweenies, Mole Richardson 1200w HMI PARs
  • Completely outfitted Grip truck for off premise location work.
  • Canon C-300
  • Canon D60 HDSLR
  • Panasonic HVX 200
  • Sony Z7U
  • 17" Panasonic Flat Panel HD Monitor
  • 5.6" TV Logic HD Monitor
  • 13" Sony Color Monitor
  • 8" Sony Color monitor

Video Recording

Valtute Media Pvt. Ltd. Recording Studio is a professional digital audio and video production company. We can help you create your audio or video project in the format(s) that are right for you. We offer a wide range of services in the Audio and Video Production, including live and studio recording. We can create media as Audio CDs, Video DVDs, PowerPoint with synchronized Audio on CD or DVD-ROMs, or we can create sound or video files for sharing or streaming on-line in a variety of formats. We are a service and quality driven company with affordable rates.

Video Dubbing

Dubbing offered by Valtute Media Pvt. Ltd. is done at its owned Studio in Delhi. Valtute Media Pvt. Ltd. maintains its own state of the art facilities in Delhi for recording primarily English, Hindi, Indian languages and some other foreign language translation and voice recording from highly qualified members of Language Network. Videotapes are digitized at Valtute Media Pvt. Ltd. facility and files are sent, swiftly and securely to their customers.

Valtute Media Pvt. Ltd. also maintains technical facilities and skilled personnel for editing, audio mixing and layback, graphics customization, standards conversion and other post-production needs at its Studio in Delhi and Mumbai.

Video Content

Video content in its purest form should be engaging, relevant, authentic.visceral. Notice we have completely avoided saying video content should be serious or humorous, informational or abstract, etc. We also didn't mention social media, mobile, or YouTube.

The big secret here is to make your content engaging, relatable and authentic. By using those three things as your launch pad your content will always be true to your brand and your audience.

Valtute Media Pvt. Ltd. provides following type of content.

  • Yoga video
  • jokes video
  • Bikine video
  • Short film
  • Devotional video
  • Arti video
  • Bollywood video
  • Astrology video
  • Adult video