Sound Studio

About us

Valtute Media Pvt. Ltd. provides recording, music mixing and mastering from our professional recording studio. Onsite Recording and audio post production are also popular choices. The sound is always a myth to many people. Most would proclaim that it's just about mixing levels. In a professional context, it covers a full range of dynamics to how every detail would be sufficient to entice listeners. A bad mix often sounds "stuck". To get a good or balanced sounding production would require time. It is often overlooked by many musicians. A good mix will be dependent on the complexity and exquisiteness of the sound production.



  • Fully sound proof
  • Analog mixer
  • True sound monitor
  • Dynamic microphones
  • High speed system
  • protools
  • Nuendo, 2, 3, 4
  • Sound forge
  • Wave lab
  • F L studio
  • Complete video dubbing equipments
  • MacPro & iMac
  • ProTools10 & ProTools12
  • Digidesign 003 & Scarlet 8i6
  • Rode NT2 & Audio Technica

Audio Recording

It is a sound creation studio for recording and mixing/blending. Particularly designed to accomplish optimum acoustics, whether, in terms of isolation, diffusion or absorption of reflected sound, any of the previously mentioned can drastically affect the sound information recorded.

Recording studio is used to record musician, voice-over artist for advertisement or dialogue replacement in film, television or animation and even Foley. Our recording studio consists of an isolation booth, where the recording takes place and a control room, where the recording engineer and producer usually operate. Our setup has recorded countless works.

Music Recording

Our discipline and creativity enable us to deliver excellent products for your projects. From vast experiences of music producer, our studio has an excellent collection of equipment. Our recording studio offers the state of the art technology often surpassing the quality that you can get.

Always remember, if you start right, you will end it great! Start Well and End Better! You won't have headaches trying to correct mistakes.
With our team of Music Producer, Composer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Music Arranger and Mastering Engineer, we are the team to deliver your Music Production.