How does AppName(Jeeyaho) works?
You can also access Jeeyaho via apps on all smart phones and Internet enabled device compatible to Jeeyaho.

How do I sign up?
Signing up is easy. You may simply use your Facebook or Google account. Alternatively you may also set up an account by providing your Mobile number and email address. Just click on the login button on the top right corner of the website.

Is it required any Internet/Data Plan ?
Yes, it works on Internet. You should have an Internet ready with your smart phone through data plan from Telcom Operator or a Wi-Fi. Same is applicable for Tablets and Internet enabled devices plugin to PC, MAC or Smart TV. The application can run across 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks. Compatible with most of the popular smart phone platforms including Android and iOS.

Is APP available on stores ?
App is also available on all leading mobile application stores Google - Playstore & Apple

How to Register on App?
Register for Free with your mobile number & email id, and you are ready to go. Click on the videos you want to watch and enjoy unlimited Infotainment.

Is App Free?
Yes. We don't charge our users for watching our videos. However, there may be some premium content which is only available to subscribed users. If you want to view this content, feel free to subscribe to us anytime!

How to subscribe App ?
You can avail our premium services with attractive subscriptions charges.

App access on Multi-Devices ?
User can access App from THREE different devices with single account.